Flat pack folding home ready in hours : MADI

M.A.Di’s flat pack folding home takes less than a day to install with an electrical system, plumbing and sanitary water system, heating/cooling system (air conditioning) and pvc frames.

Created by Architect Renato Vidal from Italy, these tiny homes are extremely sleek looking – and eco-friendly.

In regards to energy consumption, the standard version is energy class B but, upon request, they can easily become a class A and A++. The addition of solar panels can make M.A.Di. structures energetically independent. The house, also earthquake resilient, is available in five different sizes: a single module (27sqm — tiny), double module (56smq — young), double module (46sqm-luxury), triple module (84sqm — family), and the triple module (70sqm — cottage).

M.A.Di houses, which are made in a factory, flat-packed, and then easily transported anywhere, “can be built without the need for it to be constructed on concrete foundations.” The assembly process requires just three people and a few hours of manual labour. And for those looking to live green, the eco-friendly house has the capacity to become “completely off-grid with solar panels, LED lighting, and grey water systems.”

This is an innovative flat pack folding house costs $33.3k (£24.8k).

These pictures show components of the flat pack M.A.Di Home being produced in a factory, transported by truck to its new location and being unfolded and easily assembled on site.

Time-lapse footage shows the modern prefab home being transformed into the final product.

Tiny House M.A.Di White Design

M.A.Di Factory Assembling

M.A.Di Factory Loading

M.A.Di Installing at Location

M.A.Di Construction

M.A.Di House Crane

M.A.Di House Solar Panels

M.A.Di House Interior

Tiny House Plans 27sqm – M.A.Di

Tiny House Plans 46sqm – M.A.Di

Tiny House Plans 56sqm – M.A.Di

Tiny House Plans 84sqm – M.A.Di